You liked my page, but you ain't seeing my content. Yes, you!

GerbilCorp is messing with your life. Here's what you can do about it.

Hey, OJ here. You might remember me from such articles as Trump and the United States of Disorder, The Clueless Spouse of the Psychopathic Serial Murderer, Love in a Cold Climate and What Are Psychopaths? Scientific and Spiritual Perspectives on Moral Insanity and the Problem of Evil. I'm the maverick theorist of madness, crime and power with witty and enlightening insights to share about the influence of disturbed characters in everyday life. 

I am writing to you today because you liked my page, but you aren't seeing my content anymore. You, theoretically, like business pages hoping to see the page owner's content, but you probably aren't seeing their content anymore either. I'm going to tell you what you can do to fix this.  

Remember the days when you liked someone's page, and you actually saw their updates? Did you ever wonder why that happened - and why it stopped happening? Conversely, have you ever wondered why now, when you see an update from a page you have liked, more often than not it is designated a "sponsored post"?

I'm about to clue you in on some of the rather insidious business practices of a certain very large, very powerful company I will henceforth refer to, carefully, as GerbilCorp. Because I don't want to get in the sh*t with GerbilCorp.

In GerbilCorp lingo, the reason you aren't seeing posts from pages you have liked is called "declining organic reach". What this means is that the more crowded GerbilCorp's platform gets, the harder it is for pages to get content in front of their fans. In practice it means that GerbilCorp wants business pages to PAY to put content in front of their fans. 

I was actually doing this, and I was okay with it. Even though I thought it was pretty unfair that GerbilCorp actually wants me to pay TWICE. I pay once to attract fans in the first place, by boosting posts to demographics outside my immediate circle, and then a second time so my fans can actually SEE my content AFTER they have liked my page. 

However, my frustration grew, because even having done this, Gerbil Corp's settings on business pages do not give you any way to directly contact fans. You can't message them directly. You can't even tag them in posts. So you have to pay - over, and over, and over again. 

And then, when something stuffs up with Gerbil Corp's platform, your page gets broken, or you get banned for some unknown reason, you have lost contact with all your fans. 

And this is exactly what happened to me.

GerbilCorp has a rather magnificent and beautiful blogging interface, the Notes feature. I do miss it. But the Notes tab on my page broke, so now I can't write notes and publish them to my fans anymore. 

Now when you have a broken feature, or a tech issue of some kind with GerbilCorp, or they overcharge your credit card, or delete your post for no reason, this is what will happen. 

Absolutely nothing. 

In days not too far gone by, they had some kind of tech support. Not much, but something. You could actually email them and a human being would be assigned your case. Not any more. Now, what happens, is you receive an autoreply which says "Your feedback will be used to improve GerbilCorp" and that you may or may not receive a reply. Seriously. That's it. You'll get the same autoreply over and over no matter how many times you write to them. There is no way to contact them other than by submitting a report that is never even looked at by a human being. No phone number, no email address, nothing. 

EVEN if you have been paying them money to promote your content! That is the really outrageous part. Sure, maybe they are under no obligation to fix things for people using a free service. But business pages are not a free service. Businesses are lining the pockets of GerbilCorp only to be bent over by them and... you know whatted.

Well, this makes me angry. It should make you angry too, because now it means when you like a page, it is essentially a meaningless act. Unless they want to fork out heaps of cash, you'll never see their content anyway. 

So, I would urge you to find other ways to connect with brands and businesses you like. In my case, I'm going to urge you to sign up to my blog. The link to subscribe to get notifications of new posts and articles is here.

There are a couple of VERY GOOD reasons why you should do this. One, if you like my articles, this is the only way you are going to see them, because I am not giving GerbilCorp any more of my money.

Second, people who subscribe to my blog get my FREE ebooks coming out in early 2017. Other people will have to buy them. Pretty sweet deal, right?

You can add me as a friend too. If you like reading my stuff, we're friends already. I already like you. You can come and be in my world, that is A-Okay with me. 

Cheers, OJ. 


  1. oh! it said 'no comments.'i guess that's about to change...

  2. Tee hee! It's in the bio box at the bottom of the post... what do you think? GerbilCorp huh? Quite a pack of bastards...

  3. can't agree with you more about an entity taking your money. that money also pays for at least a minimal level of customer service, one would think.'shut up and give us your money. now go away.' isn't even a funny meme.

    1. That's how they feel about it in truth. I read an article saying they only provide customer service to businesses with a certain (very enormous) advertising budget with them.